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Keeping Your Jewelry In Top Condition

Sometimes people fall in love with a piece of jewelry they have had for a while, but find themselves faced with the natural degradation that comes with it. A lot of the time jewelry wears down, bends, loses design, loses gems, or simply breaks. Knowing this fate befalls many jewelry owners across the United States, we have put our skills and experience to the test, providing repairs, restoration, and improvements for broken and worn jewelry. Our jewelry repair covers earrings, necklaces, brooches, rings, family heirlooms, pearl jewelry, and more. We also offer eyeglass frame repair for your favorite eyeglass frames. In addition to repairs, we also design, produce, and sell products that aid in securing earrings for proper presentation on your ear. We are located in New York City, and offer our services across the country.

When you are having problems making your earrings stand out and shine like they are supposed to, we have the solution. Give our own invention, the Earquilizer, a chance and have your earrings sit the way they are supposed to. Available in sterling silver and 14K yellow gold, these products attach to any earring clip and contour to the unique shape of any ear.

The Earquilizer About Us

Take care of your jewelry with our jewelry repair and restoration services.

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