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Welcome to Rissin’s Jewelry Clinic.
Jewelry Repair, Antique Restoration & Costume Jewelry Repair

  • Bring in your rings, necklaces, broaches, bracelets & earrings.
  • Delicate jewelry repair & restoration of your antiques & keepsakes.
  • Have an heirloom or want to make one?
  • Bring in your old jewelry & gems and make your "dream piece."
Open Eye - Hand made for an Ophthalmologis
Open Eye
Hand made for an Ophthalmologist
Don't throw away your favorite eyeglass frames, bring them in to be repaired.
Pearls are a forté with us. We clean, string, restring & match missing ones.
So, drop on by, bring your broken piece, or your idea for a design.
You can even drop in, just to say, "hello."


The Complete Machine Inc
The Complete Machine Inc [TCMi]

Since 1975, The Complete Machine (TCMi), and its various invocations, has offered IT Consultation and Services to companies in need of System Design & Integration, Office Integration, Network & Internet Design, Implementation, & Administration, Network/Computer & Computer Room Security and Network/System Troubleshooting.

Stunning Selection of Eye-Catching Metal Sculptures!

The Best Welded Metal Art on Long Island, and in New York State.

Each piece unique, No two alike. Makes GREAT lawn ornaments & gifts.

5-Pedal FlowerMetal PeckerThe Face
Freeport R&R Association